Friday, 24 April 2015

Hot Welsh Dragons and Awful

With a weather forecast of cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon we decided to move after breakfast.  The forecast for Friday and the weekend is showers so we want to be settled before that occurs.
Four locks today with the first two against us and the last two in our favour.  At Twyford Lock there is another former mill which is now a residence.  We’ve noticed that there appears to be signs of a former mill at almost every lock.  One wonders if the mill owners were upset by the converting of the river to a navigation.
As we have cruised further up the River Stort we’ve noticed a number of locks have large oval plaques on one of the lower lock approach walls.  For a second I was wondering what the initial RSN meant but almost immediately realised River Stort Navigation.
Since entering the Lee & Stort we’ve noticed several large patches of river with the surface covered with the “stuff” in the following photo taken today.
Dirty cassette owners have been emptying the contents over the side.  Well that’s what it looks like! Winking smile  Jan thinks it is coming from the trees.
A large barn owl watched us pass and didn’t give two hoots when his photo was taken.
The Pride of Stortford was moored above Southmill Lock.
This is the third cleaner we have seen since arriving in the greater London area.  Only one of them has been seen working and that was in Little Venice.   Which was probably the cleanest area we’ve visited?
A little further on from Southmill Lock we passed a boat going in the opposite direction.  It’s the first moving boat we have passed in the last five days.  The steerer told us there were plenty of good moorings at the end of the navigation in Bishop's Stortford.  This was good news as we were concerned moorings might have been as scarce as our time at Hertford.
We winded Waiouru and reversed down the arm to moor close to the end of the navigation. 
Can’t reverse back any further as it Is too shallow. 
After lunch we wandered into town finding a local butcher.  Jan bought some of his Welsh Dragon sausages.  Apparently their ingredients include leek (Welsh connection) and a good serving of chilli.  Hot Welsh Dragons!  Later in the afternoon I painted the heads of the rivets on the water tank hatch.  Jan has told me I have NO colour coordination and they look awful!  Looks like they will be repainted at some future date.


Pip and Mick said...

Hi Tom and Jan

I don't know if you've heard of this chap . He lives on board NB Sola Gratia which is moored somewhere nearby to you in Bishop Stortford. We met up with them at Bulls Bridge and had a good chat with them.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pip & Mick,

The boat is moored behind us!