Friday, 17 April 2015

Hertford and the end of the River Lee

An interesting morning cruise to Hertford.  Towards the end we passed the local common where three para-sails were flying.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a para-sail used in conjunction with a large skateboard on grass.

We reached the end of the navigation finding it very attractive.

There’s a rather interesting looking pub not far from our mooring.

The afternoon was spent on maintenance with Jan working on the interior whilst I did more painting on the exterior.  In the evening I went for a walk around the local area.  The town centre still has a medieval layout with narrow lanes and timber frame buildings.  I’d read about Hertford Castle which was first built by the Normans and then rebuilt in stone by Henry II.  Isabella, wife of Edwards II died in the castle and in 1536 parliament moved from London and sat in Hertford to avoid the plague sweeping the capital.  Why does the fleeing of the politicians not surprise me!

The castle wasn’t what I was expecting.

It’s definitely not made of stone and has a rather Victorian or Edwardian look about it.

All Saints Church is now on the other side of the busy A414.  I didn’t go across because it was getting late.

On the other side of the town is Hertford Brewery owned by McMullen and Sons Ltd.  Another interesting building.

Now is this still a brewery?  I’m not sure because when I walked around the opposite side of the building I found this……..

My immediate thought was Sainbury’s had taken over the old brewery but Jan tells me the supermarket isn’t very large. 

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