Thursday, 12 March 2015

Why can’t I see the scene

Youngest son and I spent half a day wandering around the central part of London taking photos.  I was supposed to be learning how to compose a photo but I’m finding it very elusive.

I took the following photo of St Paul’s

Apparently it’s not very good.  This following one is better.  Or so I’m told!

Now I walked right passed this next scene and didn’t even see it.

Told you I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body!  Smile

Having been given some instruction I was allowed to make my own errors.

This next one is bad

But I’m told this next one is an improvement

I can see I need a significant amount of practice!

1 comment :

Marilyn McDonald said...

Well, there's art and there's information. Your bent is for information and that's how you focus, it seems to me.

I'm the same, but David goes for composition and our friend Barry is even more thoughtful and artistic about it.

I don't have the patience to look for and frame the artistic composition. You however seem to have more patience for things that take time, so I reckon you'll get it before too long. Don't make it too quick though - it's good for our kids to be able to teach us something ...