Monday, 2 March 2015


Well it was overcast but dry when we started moving but by the time we reached Uxbridge Lock the drizzle was falling.  As we reversed Waiouru onto the services mooring at Denham Marina the drizzle turned to rain.

No point in us both getting wet so Jan went inside whilst I arranged for a pump out and all the diesel tanks to be filled.  It was a good pump out (£15) and Jan made the most of it by flushing the toilet more than several times during the operation.  Diesel was 65p/ltr.  Not as cheap as we had previously read but the cheapest price we’ve had to date.  Because of the rain there are no photos.

Once we had parted with our hard earned money we moved 300 metres further south finding a vacant 14 day mooring beyond Oxford Road Bridge.

In the evening I braved the conditions and walked into Uxbridge for a quick look around.  We’ll go back for a more detailed visit when the weather is better.

This might be a pub worth exploring.  Opposite is Uxbridge Tube Station.

Apparently the railway station is worth a visit.

On the way back to Waiouru I made a small diversion to the opposite side of the canal with the intention of taking a photo of Waiouru by night.

The above photo was taken with the camera set on automatic whilst I experimented with the camera manual setting for the following photo.

The result of the above photo was mostly luck.  I used the same settings to take a photo from Oxford Road Bridge down the canal.  Waiouru is in the middle distance.

Obviously relying upon the camera automatic settings doesn’t necessarily produce the best photo. 

We are likely to be in Uxbridge for the next few days.


Carol said...

Hi Tom, what setting did you use on the better photos, and what camera do you use?

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Carol

I have a Canon 550D. I changed the camera setting to TV and then played with the shutter and ISO settings. Raising the ISO setting and slowing the shutter speed seemed to work when it was dark. I need to experiment further!