Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The journey so far

Our plan has always been to cruise as much of the network as possible.  It’s one reason why Waiouru was built 58’6” long.  Last night I started thinking about the cruising we have completed to date and thought it might be nice to show it pictorially.  After a short search I took a screen dump of Jim Shead’s Waterway Map and then imported it into my photography program.  This enabled me to colour over those canals and rivers we have cruised on Waiouru.

This year we plan to include the Thames, Lee, Stort, Wey and Kennet & Avon.  We might just take a pilot and go up the Severn from Bristol to Sharpness.  More research and planning required!


Ade said...

Hi Tom,
I like that image.
Good to see and try and recall when you traveled each bit.
I'm certainly looking forward to the in's and out's of the Sharpness trip not sure I've seen anyone do it upstream??
Ah I have here.
So that's this year so that leaves one or the other out of the Staffy or the Worcester & Brum if the Sharpness trip comes off.
The Stratford south & Avon.
Llangollen & Monty.
Lancaster. Huddersfield Narrow!
I may have this wrong but did I read your not over fussed about doing the Nene etc. and the Trent??
So the Fossdyke,Chesterfield, Sheffield won't be on the to d list.
Must be a couple years left there??
As always a good read.

KevinTOO said...

Well haven't you been a busy lad? LOL

Can I recommend the following link to help your research...
excellent reading :)

Caroline and Martin said...

a really good blog here about the severn

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade

We might be around Llangolleen by winter! There is so much left to do!

Carol said...

Hi there, we may see you then on the Thames or the Lee or the Wey! We’ll look out for you! Have fun! x

Tom and Jan said...

We will look forward to the meeting!

Narrowboat QISMA said...

We did Bristol to Sharpness last April. Not to be missed....... then neither are the Fens!! Will look forward to the K&A blogs!!!

Tom and Jan said...

More advice please :-)