Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Journalist and the Swans

We had a visitor today. Gemma, a freelance Australian journalist had arranged to meet us In Uxbridge and interview us for an article she intends to submit to the Aust/NZ Probus magazine.  Probus is a service club for active retirees.  Well narrowboating is certainly active and a great way of seeing Wales and England for people who have the time.

Gemma spent a couple of hours with us before heading back to her base in Devon. She seemed rather surprised when we informed her about the number of Aussie and Kiwi canal boat owners.

Gemma and Jan on the stern of Waiouru

Before escorting her back to the train I took Gemma for a short walk to Denham Lock and explained how it worked.  It also gave her the opportunity to take a few canal related photos.  This is when the local swans decided lunch might be in the offering.

There are swans near Gemma’s home in Sydney but they are black.  Probably not surprising given Australia’s criminal past!  SmileI’ve actually eaten black swan.  It occurred when I was in the Chatham Islands which are located approximately 700 kilometres off the east coast of the South Island of NZ.  I was there on a civil aid project and the locals decided to lay on a feast for us.  The big island has a very large fresh water lagoon containing thousands of water fowl and a couple of dozen went into the oven.  A very dark and strong “gamey” meat.

After an interesting visit the afternoon was spent applying a second coat of paint to the starboard side of the engine compartment.  Only the port side and stern left to complete.


Jenny and Robin said...

Hi Tom & Jan,
We are members of a local Probus group here in Levin and we look forward to reading your interview in due course.

Robin & Jenny

Tom and Jan said...

Gosh Robin & Jenny you are declaring your ages! 😆