Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rub a dub dub

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the cratch and pram covers were looking decidedly unclean. At the time I used canal water to remove the obvious fowl stuff with a scrubbing brush.  With rain forecast for the afternoon I decided cleaning both the covers before lunch might be a smart move.  That way the rain would rinse them off.

I’d only just started scrubbing when I realised the foam was turning green.  For a moment I though the green was from the canal water but immediately I remembered the bucket of water had been drawn from the tank.  Copious scrubbing resulted in a significant amount of green foaming sludge slowly running down the sides of the canvas.  Once the covers were rinsed off they started to quickly dry.  What a change in colour!  We are back to having burgundy coloured covers. 

Both covers will have to be cleaned again using the Fabsil we purchased last year.  Apparently it will also waterproof them.  Another pre-summer task completed.

Jan had a chat with a local who was walking past the boat.  The walker said “Do you know where Waiouru is?”   Jan confirmed she did and the lady then said “I was born there!” Waiouru is a small place but it has a very high birth rate.  No…. TV reception is good!  Almost the entire population consists of soldiers and their dependants.  There are no retirees and no cemetery. But they do have a very busy maternity hospital.  Having met someone in the UK who was born in Waiouru became even more of a coincidence when the lady mentioned she too lived on a boat.  Small world!

Well we have just had our excitement for the week.  There we were quietly sitting in the boat when there was a loud knocking on the cabin.  Thinking we had visitors I went to the back  only to discover no one outside.  Friday night and some of the local youths are having fun!  Small things amuse small minds!

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