Saturday, 14 March 2015

Night Shots

Daniel (youngest son) and I visited a number of camera shops today to examine tripods.  If I’m going to take any half decent photo’s I really need a suitable tripod.  Now he has an expensive tripod (about £150) which is considerably higher than my budget.  “No more than £50!” I told him.  In the end I bought a reasonably robust tripod for £55.  Like his; It has a ball head and camera boot. 

He took me to Oxford Street to practice night photograph.  I had to experiment with the shutter and ISO speeds.  Initially I was making the camera move when pressing the shutter button.  Then Daniel showed me how to set the timer and delay the shutter.  This gave the camera time to stabilise. 


Neil Corbett said...

Very impressive.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Very arty - told you you'd pick it up fast.
But I cannot see which bus you've photographed - in my need for information, how can I use you as Routemaster?

Carol said...

You’re getting there Tom! one-to-one tuition is great. I would be forgetting which setting was to which photo in a matter of seconds!

Tom and Jan said...

Carol, The software shows the settings when the photo was taken. However these might be the only good photos out of the 100's I took! 😂

Tom and Jan said...

As you can see, the bus was going too fast to get its number! :-)