Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Interesting Boats

When it comes to narrowboats there are many variations on a central theme.  The following boat is the first we’ve seen with this type of propulsion system.

I assume the paddlewheel makes it easier to get through weed although my guess is it’s very noisy.  I also wondered how it was steered until I noticed the long red tiller arm to the rudder.  Somehow I don’t think it will progress to a mainstream concept!

Walter Raleigh has moored his boat around the bend from us.  Or has the Mayflower returned from The New World?

The following boater really had me scratching my head.  There is a large area of good vacant mooring space either side of him and yet the boat is precisely moored between the CRT ‘No Mooring’ signs.

Why?  Perhaps it’s the entrance to the pub located on the towpath beside the bow!

I noted on Garry & Carolyn’s blog (nb Inca) thy have commented about the length of time a boat moored on the water point below the Napton Flight.  The boat was there when I walked the flight on 9 December.  It only needs to be moved back 20 metres to clear the water point.  Actually it could be moved 100 metres and be on 14 day moorings.   Somehow I don’t believe these owners would do the same thing with their cars.


Nb Duxllandyn said...

We spent most of last summer in this area - and beyond. Prepare yourself for a few more 'interesting boats'!
Happy Boating :-)

Halfie said...

If it's the boat I think it is, then I know the man who built the paddlewheel mechanism and housing.

Tom and Jan said...

Was/is the mechanism a success?

Halfie said...

As far as we know, yes. The boat was featured in a TV programme once - Jan has been trying to locate it ...