Monday, 9 March 2015

Cowley Peachey Junction

We are moored just short of Cowley Peachey Junction and will likely go down the Slough Arm after a few days here.  It’s Sunday and time to look for a pub lunch.  The George and Dragon is located in nearby Yiewsley but in the end we decided to have lunch at The Paddington Packet Boat which can be found on Packet Boat Lane.

The pub looks very ordinary in daylight.  However we did enjoy the meal.  Jan had the beef whilst I chose the lamb.  It came with a good selection of vegetables and rich thick gravy in a gravy boat!

However it’s a different story by night.

There was a third lunch option.  The Waters Edge restaurant is also located on Packet Boat Lane adjacent to the canal. However it didn’t appear to have that pub atmosphere!

On the way back to Waiouru Jan noticed a boat moored on the offside which had some very interesting windows.

It’s the first time we have seen windows below the gunwale line!  Then Jan noticed a boaters lime green bathroom manchester drying on their rotary clothesline.

She is so envious!  At least I know what to buy for her birthday.  Winking smile


Marilyn McDonald said...

Just don't let her bring those lime green towels into the galley! They would look so wrong with the splashback colour ...

Tom and Jan said...

I don't think they would get any closer than the bow!

Peter and Margaret said...

We had never heard the term "Manchester" to describe bathroom and bedroom towelling and sheets until we made our first visit to Australia. When I was informed what it referred to it then seemed logical, as historically Manchester was the world's largest supplier of cotton products. I am presuming the term is not widely used here in the UK, and we come from Manchester.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter

A little like my parents generation who, when they referred to "home", meant GB. I found the expression quite amusing as they were both born in NZ.

I think you're correct about the origin of the word!

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

The end of the Slough Arm has a winding hole and a pylon. The nearest mooring is back on the main line so plan to do a return trip in one day so you can tick it off on your I-Spy book of canals.