Friday, 6 March 2015

Cockroaches and the French Connection

The water tank was half empty full this morning so we therefore decided to reverse back to Denham Marina to top it up and also fill the 30L jerrican with cheap diesel (65p/l).  Once back on our original mooring it was a case of walking up into Uxbridge to see what was happening with the advertised Thursday French Market.  Samson also needed his hair cut and as Delilah had previously found an outlet doing OAP cuts for £9 on Thursday’s there seemed to be the makings of a plan. 

Wandering through the ‘Pavilions’ shopping mall Jan noticed another Chris Blake outlet.

Those of you who have been reading this boring drivel for more than a week might remember Jan purchased some ‘Victorian Sausages’ from Chris Blake Butchers in Rickmansworth.  She bought another dozen (that’s twelve for any young readers raised with the metric system).

I went off for an impromptu meeting with the shearing gang.  Gosh I can now jump into the air and simultaneously click my heels together.  Whilst wandering through the stalls at the French Market we came upon a small stall selling a wide variety of French sausages.  They all looked very interesting but as Jan pointed out “There is no spare room in the freezer because someone has a 2 litre tub of ice cream stored!”

We walked on a little further when Jan asked me “Would you like cockroaches for lunch?”.  Readers I’m not that familiar with French cuisine but I’ll give most things ago!  I’ve never tried cockroach, although I remember watching some drunken mates eating frozen cockroaches dipped in tomato sauce.  They (and the cockroaches) didn’t look too well the following morning.  So I told Jan “I’m game…. have you previously eaten cockroaches?”  She replied “Not cockroach……. Hog Roast you deaf bugger!

Bit of a relief really!  And the hog roast was tasty.  I did ask Jan to check it was Halal.

The last stop in the market was the French patisserie.  Three cakes and only two of us.  Guess who ended up with two cakes?


Marilyn McDonald said...

But did the shearing gang have to tip you on your back, hold your forelegs under their arms and shear your nether regions too? And when complete, did they stuff you through a hole into a pen with all their other OAP customers?
I do have to tell you, Tom, that your posts are making me ever more sure that a) David and I need to follow in your boat wake when we get back to Blighty, and b) we need to find a way to spend a winter afloat at some point. Note to the House Administrator to find out the pension rules and ways to spend more than 6 out of 12 months out of NZ ...

Tom and Jan said...


You don't want to hear where they put my right ankle. It was ugly!

You will have to do some swift cruising to catch us!

Marilyn McDonald said...

As I type, I am having you tracked down, am arranging to have Waka Huia craned out of the water and trucked to where you will be when we arrive back in May ...
Seriously though, it's the London and environs bits that I am keen to replicate.
I hope your right hind fetlock (hope I've got that right) is back where it belongs at the end of your right leg ...
Cheers, M

Tom and Jan said...

Jan isn't interested in the London experience but we will ptobably stay a week in Paddington before moving on.