Monday, 23 March 2015

Clean and Bake

It was another fine spring day which enabled us to commence some of the exterior 2015 maintenance tasks.  The greatest task was washing and then polishing the towpath side of Waiouru.  Tomorrow; weather permitting; the starboard side will receive the same treatment after cruising to Bulls Bridge Junction.  After all that exercise I forgot to take a photo!  Jan has been busy baking in the galley.  The last of the apples picked from the tree beside Stockton Top Lock have been used in an apple shortcake.  The cherries in the cherry cake came from Aldi along with the eggs in the bacon and egg pie <yum>!

Later I had the urge to carry on cleaning and painting the remainder of the bilge.  Fortunately I was able to sit down and consume a cold beer until the urge passed.

There was a night photo opportunity In Yiewsley as the fair was in town.  Unfortunately it didn’t last as long as I wanted because the camera battery went flat!

More practice required!


Andy Gic said...

The fair pictures are..well fair but the baking picture is very good.

Tom and Jan said...

And edible! 😁

Marilyn McDonald said...

Jan's good to you, Tom.
Good to hear your mum is OK again. Cheers, M

Tom and Jan said...

Years of training Marilyn. I'm now reaping the rewards.