Monday, 16 March 2015

Annual Event

It appears the cleaning and repainting of the bilge and engine bay is an annual event.  It was about this time last year that I did my Houdini act and repainted the same area.  Today I managed to contort myself enough to get a second coat onto the surfaces of the bilge.

The bilge pump has been stripped down, cleaned and reassembled.  The dripless stern gear ensures we have a dry bilge so you might say whilst the pump is 2.5 years old it’s actually new never having run.  That reminds me.  I need to test it before reinstalling it in the bilge.  The area underneath the battery bank where the driveshaft exits the boat through the stern tube is mostly inaccessible to me.  I can (just) reach the grease nipple but the rest of the area is out of reach.  What I really need is one of those nimble and flexible 11 year old grandsons who can happily splash paint everywhere.  The alternative is to pull out the domestic battery bank and gain access from above.  Maybe later in the year…….. Maybe!

Only the port side of the engine bay left to do.  Then I can make a start on the exterior paint scratches and rust !Sad smile


Marilyn McDonald said...

We could lend you a 10 year old grandson if required, but how about a spraycan of paint and just point and shoot?
Cheers, M

Tom and Jan said...

we have a 10 year old grandson in NZ. But have also been looking for a B&Q to buy a can of spray primer for the far corner of the bilge 😂

Marilyn McDonald said...

Our grandsons are closer - in Scotland and due to stay with us onboard in early July. One is 10, the other 5, both with small enough hands and twisty bodies suitable for bilge painting. I will hire them to you for a very reasonable fee ...

Liam Quinn said...

I am just about to clean and paint mine on my newly bought boat which I am not sure if anyone has done it before! I was wondering what equipment you used and what paint etc. It is a dirty job so would love some pointers so I get it right the first time!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Liam

I wire brushed the area to remove any surface rust. It's a dry bilge so giving it a vacuum was easy. White spirits to remove any oil/grease. You can buy bilge paint but I used Hammerite from Wickes/B&Q/Halfords/etc.

You'll find it's an annual task

Best of luck