Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Well here we are at Grove Bridge just south of the planned stoppage at Hunton Bridge Lock.  It’s raining and the forecast is for this to continue until tomorrow.  The weather hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the locals with plenty of gratuitous sex taking place beside the boat.  Spring must be arriving very shortly because the drakes have taken to chasing the ducks.

Despite being close to Watford our mooring is in a quiet and semi rural setting.  To the west is ‘The Grove Estate’ which contains the largest hotel in Hertfordshire. The former mansion was converted into a hotel in 1996 and has been the venue for several major events including the G20 London Summit in 2009.  It also has a world renown golf course and in 2006 was the venue for the World golf Championship.

The canal takes a rather winding path against the estate’s eastern border, however the land appears to allow for a more direct alignment.  This suggests to me the then landowner only acceded to the construction of the canal if It were constructed with a more natural wandering course.  The Grove Bridge is also rather ornate which I think tends to support my theory.  Of course the estate has shrunk in size over the years and consequentially the canal may originally have passed through the middle.

I’ll try and get some photos if there is a break in the rain.

Today I received a group email advising yet another member of my graduating class has passed away.  That’s five since we graduated 40 years ago.  One shortly after graduation on active service, two to alcoholism, one in a light aircraft and the latest to cancer/stroke.  That means 8% have already gone!  Pete was a great fellow, a gentleman!   I’d better get my running shoes on……….

Meanwhile Jan’s internet genealogy research has ground to a halt.  Three Mobile have blocked her from viewing a site with ‘Adult Content’.  The website was GENUKI and she wanted to look at the 1841 census.  I guess all the deceased were naked. Smile

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