Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Walking to Watford

Its a relatively short walk to the centre of Watford from our current mooring; about 45 minutes.  The route was down the towpath to Cassiobury Park and then through the park to the town centre.

The Jules Fuel Boat & Butty were in Iron Bridge Lock as I crossed the canal to enter the park.

It was a lovely crisp sunny morning and Cassiobury Park was full of dog walkers and young mum’s with pre-schoolers.  The small ice cream stall in the middle of the park was having a great day.

Cassiobury Park

Watford Town Centre has the usual high street shops.  They don’t interest me, I’m more interested in the old buildings.

I’m not sure how old the above building is but the lines look too straight for it to be more than a replica.  This following tudor style building looked old but again the lines look too straight.  I suspect the external timber beams are actually planks.

There was a building down a side street that looked very Art Deco.

The lock cottage beside Cassiobury Bottom Lock is occupied but like the cottage at Lady Capel’s lock it doesn’t have vehicle access.  It has the canal on one side and a small river on the other.  The only access is via the towpath.

It wasn’t a very long walk; about 3 hours.  Back at Waiouru it was time to go down the weed hatch and check on the additional possessions we had accumulated.  The water was bitterly cold.  Obviously I’m not destined to be a member of the Polar Bear Swimming Club.  Our new possessions were quite disappointing consisting of a bundle of weed carefully wrapped by a length of thick twine.  Better luck next time!


Diane and Ray said...

Watford is my hometown and we are looking forward to spending some time there later in the year. We are enjoying our first winter on the cut D&R

Tom and Jan said...

Watford is also where Jan's mum's partner is now buried. A long story involving frequent flyer points.

I thought you were at an orgy in Cornwall with the other incestuous Aussies rather than wintering on the cut.

Diane and Ray said...

It's true we are having a fun time in Cornwall xx