Monday, 16 February 2015

To Watford

First job of the cruising day was to stop on the lock landing above Apsley Lock to top up the water tank and dispose of the rubbish.  It’s a rather attractive urban environment.

We then briefly moored below the lock using the blue topped bollards on the offside.  There was a very important reason for doing this.

The laden Sainsbury’s trolley managed to make it all the way to the side hatch.  From this point onwards lock transits became longer because there was a single handed wide beam boat somewhere ahead of us and the boater was leaving all the bottom gates open.  This meant Jan had to shut them before she could fill the lock.

The Jules Fuel boat and butty that had passed us going in the opposite direction at 4pm yesterday were moored outside Aspley Marina.  They had been up to Berkhamsted to serve some clients and has already made their way back down the canal passing us whilst we slept.  A long 24 hours for them.

Apsley Marina

There’s an interesting footbridge just south of Apsley Marina.  It has a large and small arch which is rather unusual.

A significant milestone for us today passing under the M25 ring road around London.  How many times have we driven over the canal not realising it was below us?

This boater appears to be earning money advertising for the local pub.

Lady Capel’s Lock was our last for the day.  Initially I thought the lock cottage wasn’t occupied but then I noticed smoke from the chimney.  There doesn’t appear to be any road access to the cottage so it must be a bit of a slog with deliveries.

It was a long cruising day for us so we’ll probably use Monday as a rest day.

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