Saturday, 21 February 2015

Time Stands Still and the Canal Monkeys

There is a clock tower opposite out mooring which we thought would be very handy for checking the time.  It was 3.40pm when we arrived. 

After completing our mooring routine and having a late afternoon cuppa we headed to the nearby Tesco at 3.40pm?????

The route to Tesco required a circumnavigation of the clock tower.  That’s when we discovered the time was actually 10.50am.  But wait….. No, it was 11.20am.

Time stands still in Rickmansworth. Hopefully than means we won’t age during our stay! Smile

There are the usual number of towpath walkers.  Many with dogs.  The great surprise were the Rickmansworth monkeys.  The first was observed swinging from a steel girder on derelict canal side building.  Obviously there is plenty of food around because he was rather large.

His partner was resting in the bough of a nearby tree.  Appetite obviously sated and a slightly amused look on his face.

It’s going to be fun finding any other interesting locals.

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