Sunday, 8 February 2015

Off visiting and recording

After more than a week we’re still frozen in at Marsworth Junction.  Time for another walk.  This time I headed down the towpath eventually reaching Cowroast Marina.  For some reason I had expected the summit pound to be in open countryside whereas much of it is through a cutting.  One of the advantages of walking the towpath is you get to see things you might not notice from the boat.

This time it was a mile marker.

OK, it was a Grand Junction Canal Company mile marker.  But what we wouldn’t have seen from the boat was the plaque beneath it  “Chiltern Branch IWA 1993”.

Outside the entrance to Cowroast Marina there was a fuel boat and butty serving a well know boat. I took a photo after the fuel boat had departed.

Yes, it’s nb Valerie with Les & Jaq aboard.  They’ve had a rather rough run during the last 12 months, but Les now looks to be well on the way back to full health.  After an interesting chat I needed to keep going before running out of daylight.  We’ll probably see Les & Jaq as we pass in opposite directions.

The walk ended to the west of Marsworth where there were a number of short lengths of public footpath not recorded on the Open Street Map.  I duly traipsed backwards and forwards; up and down; the various paths capturing the missing sections on the gps.

This part is going to be slippery and very muddy.

Once back on Waiouru it was time to get out of the cold, sweaty and muddy walking gear before having a good hot shower.  My timing was perfect with the remainder of the afternoon being spent relaxing on the bed watching rugby. 

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