Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lock Damage

Another look at Marsworth Top Lock this morning provided me with more of an idea of the damage that needs to be repaired before it can be reopened.

The top hinge on the lower gate, towpath side appears to have moved 2-3inches into the lock.  The following photo shows the gap that has appeared.

As a consequence the gate is no longer hanging vertical.  It’s hard to see but the gap between the gate provides an indication.

Last time I looked at the lock I wondered how CRT would effect repairs.  They must have had a work party at the lock yesterday because there are now two new concrete pads.

Note that each concrete pad has a raised steel loop made of reinforcing bar.  My assumption is these pads are going to be used as ground anchors after the concrete has set.  The gate will be pulled back to the vertical and held in place with straps between the top hinge point on the gate and the two anchor points.  Alternatively, they may use the anchor points to secure the gate beam once the gate is back to the vertical position.  This would enable narrowboats to get through the lock using the other gate but would prevent its us by wide beam boats.  It will be interesting to see if any of my assumptions are correct. 

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