Thursday, 26 February 2015

Frogmore Wharf

After reversing back to the water point below Batchworth Lock and filling the tank (good water pressure) we moved forward to the Tesco moorings for further restocking.  But not before noticing beside the water point is what’s claimed to be the only model canal in England.

Two locks and a tunnel on the canal

The canal is dry and the lock gates are missing.  Must be a winter stoppage!  Smile 

These canal side supermarket moorings are very good.

Only one problem Tesco.  You have misspelt the name on your building

It’s Frogmore Wharf

Two hundred years ago Rickmansworth was a busy canal location with a number of feeder arms to local industries.  Salters Brewery used boats to transport their beer down through Chess Lock and onto the canal for transport to Uxbridge.  There were also two nearby paper mills.  In 1905 WH Walker & Brothers started a canal business at Frogmore Wharf building and repairing wooden working boats.  WH walker finally closed in 1988 and Tesco subsequently built the supermarket on the site.

There are a number of canal metal components in the front yard of the lock keepers cottage at Stockers Lock.  The cottage is the home of one of the local CRT employees.  We were informed by one of his colleagues he had been employed by BW/CRT for 46 years.

I’ll admit to only recognising a minor portion of these components/tools.

Stockers Lock Keepers Cottage

There is a rustic looking set of farm buildings opposite the lock cottage. Peering down the farm lane it appeared to be horse stables.

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