Thursday, 22 January 2015

Stoppages and the Aussie

We have been watching the CRT winter maintenance stoppages and deciding whether to move slowly or quickly.  Today I produced a simple spread sheet to automatically calculate the dates.  There is a stoppage behind us at Bridge84, Milton Keynes.  Originally it was planned to commence on 12 January but we received a subsequent email from CRT advising the start date had moved to 19 January.  Not wanting to be caught by a date error, we moved through the bridge before the 12th.  Today I walked back and had a look at the repair work being undertaken by the CRT contractors.

I must admit I couldn’t see any sign of the contractors either!  Smile

There is a stoppage ahead of us just before Leighton Buzzard.  There are two pounds between us and the stoppage and CRT sent us an email to advise access to the second pound must be booked whilst the stoppage is in place.  We can’t see any reason to move whilst the stoppage is in place and will probably wait until 27 January to move forward to the end of the next pound.

The critical window is between Leighton Buzzard and Hemel Hempstead.  There are only five days to get past the stoppage at Hemel Hempstead.  Once past there is plenty of time to pass the remaining stoppages on the way to London.  If we don’t get through the Hemel Hempstead stoppage then the earliest we can reach the greater London area is mid March.  Covering the distance to Hemel Hempstead is feasible, but we would have to cruise longer every day.  Moreover we wouldn’t be able to visit Aylesbury.

We are not working to a tight timetable and we’re therefore likely to take our time and visit Aylesbury. 

The canal didn’t freeze overnight which made it easier for the swans to visit the side hatch and be fed my biscuits by Jan.  The householder opposite keeps hens and Jan heard the announcement of a fresh egg.  Then she told me “There’s a Koala Bear in a tree opposite us!”

Well I couldn’t see it!  Perhaps one of us has been on recreational chemicals? Winking smile

“It’s there!”  Nope… still couldn’t see the bear……

He’s a big bastard and probably fell out of the tree because he has no claws!

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