Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ringtone and Iced In

Yesterday evening I fiddled experimented with the old Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone.  I’ve previously written about how I converted the phone from the original Samsung operating system to a new system running one of the latest versions of Android (4.4.4 KitKat).  Samsung weren’t going to provide an upgrade.  They want you to buy a new phone.

Last night I wanted to see if I could change the phone ringtone to a custom version.  The phone setting only enables you to change the ringtone for one of the tones that come with the operating system.  I successfully managed to install my chosen mp3 ringtone and the following is how I did it.


  1. Find the music mp3 file you want as your ringtone.  Make sure it’s not that big
  2. Connect the android phone to your pc.  The phone will appear as and external drive in Windows Explorer
  3. Using Windows Explorer scroll through the folders and look for a folder named ‘Ringtones’. It’s not that important if there isn’t one but I found it an easy place to store my new ringtone.
  4. Transfer your new ringtone from the pc to the desired folder on the phone.
  5. Disconnect the phone from the pc.
  6. Start the phone’s standard music player and search for the folder where you placed your custom ringtone.
  7. Select the ringtone file and start playing it.
  8. Press the pause button on the player to pause the music
  9. With the music paused press the bottom left button on the phone to bring up the setting for the music player.
  10. One of the android settings should be “Ringtone”.  Select this option
  11. Follow the save options and exit your music player program
  12. Ring your mobile phone and confirm the phone now uses your custom ringtone

I installed two custom ringtones.  One I use for receiving calls and the other is for the alarm clock wake-up call.

I’ve done this on my Samsung phone but as I’m not using the Samsung operating system I suspect it will work on any Android phone.

We awoke this morning to find the small amount of condensation on the inside of the porthole frames frozen.  looking out the window it was obvious the canal had also frozen.

“Mabel what’s happened to the bloody water?”

I am a spoilt lad.  All for ME!

Peter Berry, it’s Cholmondeston Lock jam on top!

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Peter and Margaret said...

That is one very delicious looking jam sponge. I will have to order one of my own from some of the jars of jam we have left. Happy memories of our Summer cruise together.