Monday, 26 January 2015

Minor Task and Strange Boat

I must add something to our last blog post.  In one of Adam’s (nb Briar Rose) earlier comments he had mentioned the theory that the reason for the small change in water level at Fenny Stratford Lock might be due to a potential problem with water pressure.  I had overlooked this in the post.

Further information was received From Les (nb Valerie) and Paul (nb Waterway Routes).  Les’ research suggested the sump pound had to be lowered due to a problem with water leakage.  To lower the entire pound by 10 inches because of a leak in the top 10 inches seems rather expensive and radical.  Paul suggested another theory.  Perhaps a recalcitrant landowner forced a change in the planned route which required the additional lock.  This seems plausible as adding a lock would probably have been cheaper than the cost of lowering the long pound.  

All very interesting!

There are a couple of interesting boats around here this Is one of them.  The boat below looks like a wide beam that has had it’s bow cut off and an extension added to the stern.

Two tasks completed today.  Jan did a load of washing and then hung it on the rails under the gunwales inside the cabin to dry whilst I finally got around to fixing the 12V socket in the computer workstation.  The female part of the plug has been coming out of the wall socket.  When I removed the wall socket off the wall I discovered rediscovered there was no retaining ring on the reverse.  It’s my error omission as I wired the boat.  For some reason I must have forgotten overlooked the need to fit the ring.  We don’t have a ring which meant I needed to identify an alternative method of securing the female plug in the socket.  My solution was to fit a plastic cable tie as a surrogate retaining ring and then smear construction adhesive over the tie to hold everything together. 

Rear of the 12V socket on the right

Applying the adhesive proved to be easier said than done.  I had half a tube of adhesive left over from fitting the glass splashbacks in the galley last year.  But it had gone semi solid.  I didn’t want to start using a new tube so after many different attempts I reverted to cutting the filled part of the tube in half and scooping out the necessary amount of adhesive with a screwdriver. 

It’s all back together now and won’t be touched again until the adhesive has set.

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