Sunday, 1 February 2015

Marsworth Junction

Only a short hop today with just two locks to Marsworth Junction.  As usual, Jan worked the locks whilst I did the steering.  Jan managed to photograph me attempting to line up on the lock entrance.

Two items of interest at the top lock.  Jan thought this water tank and faucet beside the old steam pump house was rather unique.

Whilst I wondered about the original purpose of the cylindrical structure in the adjacent field.

It looks like the top of a tunnel air shaft.  But there are no canal tunnels around here? 

There was a long line of moored boats on the immediate approach to the junction and we were starting to worry about finding a mooring.  Fortunately there were at least four vacant spots at the junction.

Jan seemed rather taken with the thatched cottage beside the bridge.

We actually have a very good mooring in the junction with views towards the Aylesbury Arm.  The mobile signal is 4G and we have both DTV and the dot.

After settling in I went for a walk around the local area finding the Angler’s Retreat which will suffice for our usual Sunday roast lunch.

The white building in the far right of the photo is the White Lion pub which is located beside the canal.  It’s also closed and boarded up.  This photo was taken from the top of the embankment which forms the northern bank of Startopstend Reservoir which supplies water to the canal.

The water level appeared to be rather low for this time of year.  It’s one of three adjacent reservoirs.   The other two being Marsworth and Tringford.  To the west is the Aylesbury Arm which starts with two locks formed as a staircase.  The plan is to go down the Arm next week.  On the junction is a new residential development being constructed on former CRT land.  One local resident stopped to explain to me how upset the local village population was with the development.  When finished there will be 13 new homes plus the old canal building on the junction is being renovated into a residence.

The thing I noticed was the developer appears to be constructing new boater facilities as part of the project.

The existing elsan and water point can be seen in the bottom left corner and it appears concrete block rooms are being constructed to the right.  Perhaps, toilet, shower, etc?

A walk to the west confirmed there is a church Smile

I need to explore further afield.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I'm intrigued by the "chimney". There are no canal or railway tunnels anywhere near there.

I've been back to 1877 through the old OS maps and there's nothing marked on any of them.

Perhaps someone who "needs to explore further afield" might like to walk that way.

Tom and Jan said...

Regrettably I did my long weekly walk today. It's in the middle of a field, would one get both barrels of rock salt?

Peter Lee said...

Hi Tom,
The old British Waterways land is being developed into 13 residences - looks quite a tasteful development to me. See Aylesbury Vale District Council Planning department, Application reference 10/01336/APP available on the web. As you surmise, the Elsan and water point are being upgraded as part of the scheme. An interesting point is the use of white bricks in the builings (see the "Design and Access" statement in the planning application).

Judith Emery said...

The tower could be for a railway tunnel. The guys on the nearby trip boat know and did tell us but that was some time ago and I've forgotten, (age is the problem) lot of water gone through the locks since then. I really must write these things down. Enjoy your southern travels.
nb Serena

Ade said...

Hi Tom,
A quick google turns up.
Yes; it's a vent for a drainage culvert from the Tring Railway cutting. I think it might be known as the south railway drain, but ICBW. I think the outlet to the cut is/was ( because I also recall the culvert is blocked and not worth clearing according to BW) on the outside of the sharp turn just below the Two Below Maffers ( 37 &38).

Tom and Jan said...

Ade, That makes sense and I'm impressed at your quick googling. I tried a long google search and failed to find anything.