Thursday, 8 January 2015

Long Buckby Wharf

We went for a walk around the local area today.  The morning sky looked great but unfortunately it didn’t last.

There are a number of CRT working boats moored at Norton Junction and more joined them today arriving from the south.  One boat contained a set of old lock gates with a plaque reading Northampton Branch.  One assumes they have come from an earlier maintenance stoppage and they are now preparing for the next task.

A tracked excavator was positioned beside one of the barges and initially we thought some dredging might underway.  However there was no tipper on site which led us to the conclusion they were using the excavator to load the boats.

Wandering along the towpath beside the Buckby flight we came upon Ben and Kelly (AKA Pinky & Perky) performing as usual.

Wilton Marina is located at the bottom of the flight and whilst it looks a rather secure location positioned between the canal and the main rail line I suspect it’s rather noisy if you were a residential boater.

We walked through Long Buckby Wharf and up to to the busy A5 road.  Towards the junction there was a building that looked very much like a church.  However the triangular windows in the roof contained the types of plastic soap and shampoo containers you would find in a bathroom.  We came to the conclusion the building was probably a deconsecrated church that had been converted into a home.


Jenny said...

Thank you Tom for showing us Pinky and Perky! Some of us love piggies, and can't understand the others who don't.

Tom and Jan said...

Jenny, Jan is with you and thinks I was rather cruel naming them so unkindly :-)