Tuesday, 16 December 2014

There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza… A hole!

These are the winter days to enjoy.  Slightly crisp, no wind, with blue skies and sunshine.  Ideal for doing a few outdoor chores.  The cratch cover and towpath side of the boat had a scrub which appears to have removed the small patch of green mould from the cratch cover.

My walking boots were desperately in need of a scrub after Saturday’s wanderings around Watford Gap.  They are now drying under the stern pram cover in eager anticipation of a date with the nugget.

Jan sorted through the vegie bin and compiled a shopping list of replacement items whilst I decided to finally do something about the Hurricane fuel tank gauge.  It’s secured to the instrument panel with double sided adhesive tape and the top portion of the tape has lost it’s adhesiveness.  Every so often I’ve pushed it back into place but today I decided on something more permanent.  I thought I’d document the process with photographs only to subsequently discover the computer wouldn’t recognise the memory card.  That led me to attempt the alternative process of linking the memory card to the computer with the usb cable.  That didn’t work either.  OK, check out the camera. Nope….. the camera didn’t recognise the memory card.  So the problem is the memory card.  Attempted to recover the photos on the card.  Failure!  By now I’d realised I was getting into a downward spiral, hence the blog title.  Time to cut my losses and bin the card.  Fortunately youngest son had given me one he no longer required.  It appears I’m the hoarder and our children are the wealthy ones!

Of course I’d now lost all the photos so I went back to the instrument panel and took a another photo of the finished product.

My repair method was to find the almost empty tube of Sikaflex adhesive left over from the fitting of the glass splashbacks in the galley.  I then hunted through the long term storage to find an old small screw driver (did I mention I’m a hoarder).  By forcing the shaft of the screw driver into the sealed nozzle of the tube and through the set adhesive I was able to reach the last of the semi-liquid adhesive.  This was then smeared onto the back of the gauge using the tip of the screw driver before pressing the gauge back into position and securing it with masking tape.  I’m glad I hadn’t disposed of the screw driver and last of the adhesive otherwise it might have been an expensive or messy job.

Jan has mentioned the Hurricane is considerably quieter since the 1000 hour service.  However she can now hear a ticking sound.  It’s the heater fuel pump.  Fortunately I’m slightly (perhaps more than slightly) deaf and can’t hear anything!

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