Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It’s the second day since our Keswick walk but both Daniel and I remain rather stiff.  Sitting for too long can result in it being rather hard to subsequently stand.  Hopefully things will have improved by tomorrow.

Today was regrettably our last in the Lake District.  It’s an area I enjoy visiting and perhaps we will be able to return at some future date.  Jan made a very good choice with the selection of the accommodation.  Corner Cottage <website link> was in a good location being near to the centre of Keswick and very close to both local supermarkets.  It also had off street parking for the rental car.  The last couple of times we have stayed in Keswick it has been in B&B’s; neither of which had guest parking.  Finding a parking spot in Keswick can be a challenge.    With three of us the cottage worked out cheaper than a B&B.

The cottage has a lounge, dining room, kitchen and toilet downstairs.  There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.  Off street parking behind the double gates to the left of the photo.

The front door went straight out onto the main street so we used the back door.  There’s also a small garden.

Rather than taking the fastest route back to Waiouru we elected to spend the morning driving south through Ambleside and Windermere where we stopped for morning tea.

The remainder of the journey back to the marina was rather boring.  The M6 motorway. 

Tomorrow Daniel heads off overseas again whilst we will recommence our cruising.  But not before restocking the pantry.

Our rental car from Enterprise has performed faultlessly.  It is the first vehicle I have driven that is fitted with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Management System).  Each tyre is fitted with an air pressure and heat sensor that is wirelessly linked to a central monitor.  If the air pressure or temperature falls outside set parameters the system will warn the driver.  I like it!  Our next vehicle will have one fitted.  Probably by me!

We found Waiouru secure but rather cold.  It’s not something we are used to as we’ve never left her unattended during winter.  However the Hurricane quickly raised the temperature.

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