Saturday, 13 December 2014

Finishing the Hurricane

Jan took delight in informing me we had received an email from another Jan (nb Qisma) with a link to the the Michael Palin video clip of I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.  What a scream…….!  But it’s not me…..  I’ve never worn high heels and a dress.  My limit is pantihose (another story).

Meanwhile, back on Waiouru I realised the 1000 hour service of the Hurricane heater hadn’t been completed.  The fuel pre-filter needed to be checked.  It was back into the crowded garden shed where I attempted to find a location for each foot so I could bend over and locate the filter which is above the swim on the port (left side).  The bowl was removed after turning off the feed and return stop cocks.

The inside of the bowl looked good.

I emptied the diesel from the bowl into a plastic ice cream container where it’s easier to examine.  The pre-filter appears to be doing its job.  A small amount of grit.  Probably left inside the tank when it was manufactured.  No sign of the dreaded diesel bug <phew>

As I was checking fuel filters I decided to also check the two pre-filters in the engine fuel line.

Looking down at the tops of the two engine pre-filters

I added the fuel from the first filter to the diesel from the Hurricane pre-filter.  Then used a new ice cream container for the second filter.

It looks like the filters are doing their job.  The first filter had collected some “gunk” whilst the fuel from the second filter is clean.  Therefore the final filter on the engine should be spotless!

Jan had been reading that original iPods had become a retro collectors item and were selling in America for $1000. “Hey, I have a 3rd generation classic somewhere!”  Yes, a hoarder!  After scrounging around through the cupboards voilĂ .

Unfortunately I can’t find anyone on fleabay wanting to buy it for $1000.  One day!

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