Monday, 17 November 2014

Wet Walk

A very nice Sunday roast at the Barley Mow.  We assume they have moved to a winter menu as it was a buffet rather than a la carte.  No matter, we only wanted the usual roast and it was delicious.

I needed some exercise and plotted out a route to the west of Newbold.  I’d already remembered walking to the north and east on a previous visit to the area and was looking for new ground.

Unfortunately the old grey matter had forgotten I’d also walked this area on a previous visit so much of it rapidly became familiar.  After all that walking the only piece of public footpath not already on the OSM was the following short length.

Much of this stretch of footpath is adjacent to the River Avon.  It’s not quite the size you might expect the Avon to present.  It looks like a small creek.  You probably have to get closer to Warwick if you want to see anything that resembles a river.

It is obviously prone to flooding because further down stream a vehicle track crossed it.  In NZ this would be known as an Irish Crossing.  There would be a number of culvert pipes (concrete or steel) to convey the normal volume of water.  There would usually be a concrete capping over the pipes.  When the river is in flood the crossing becomes a ford.  In this instance there is a raised edge on one side which can be used as a pedestrian walkway.

I had just reached the furthest point from Waiouru when it started to rain….. quite heavily!  Oh well, skin is waterproof.  By the time I reached the boat a change into dry clothes was looking very appealing. 

Whilst I’d been out enjoying myself Jan had baked a loaf of bread and an apple shortcake.  I do love the end crust of a freshly baked loaf smothered in butter.  Life’s good!

As I write this we have received a traffic infringement notice advising we were captured on camera exceeding the legal speed limit by more than 10km/h.


Details of offence:

The purpose of sending this letter of advice is to apprise you that you have committed a traffic offence. Exceeding applicable speed-limit on length of road – by 10 km/h or more but less than 20 km/h. The violation of speed limits has been detected by verified speed camera (within the meaning of the Road Transport Act 2014).

** The Offence carries 3 demerit points.

INVOICE                            VIEW CAMERA IMAGES

If you do not finalise your penalty notice by the due date we will send you a penalty reminder notice giving you a further 28 days. If you have an overdue fine, you may have your driver's licence suspended or be refused vehicle registration.


Obviously they want me to click on one of the two links in the email above (Invoice) or (View Camera Images).

Now we only do tick over………????   However a further hint can be found in the senders email address

Now we haven’t driven a car in New South Wales, Australia for four years.  Guess it must be spam! Smile

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