Saturday, 8 November 2014

Warwick and a visitor

This morning we wandered into Warwick for a look around the shops before calling into Sainsbury’s on the way back to Waiouru.  With our luck there was an almost steady drizzle of rain throughout the walk.  Jan treated me to a hot drink at Costa before we stopped outside a sewing shop where I pressured her to go in and have a look around.  The next stop was the outdoor shop where I must have tried (and retried) most of the running shoes before eventually settling on a pair of Asics.  I haven’t purchased shoes from this manufacturer for at least 30 years.  Back then they made a very heavy shoe.  The pair I purchased today currently feel like they were tailor made for my feet and I hope it stays that way.

We are both still fascinated by the old Loyal Leycester Hospital

It is a retirement home for ex servicemen and their wives.

On the way back to Sainsbury’s we passed another building which seemed different to those surrounding it.

It seems rather strange to have crenellations on a relatively “modern” building?

We hadn’t been long settled back on Waiouru when there was a tapping on the side.  Paul Balmer had already sent an email advising he would call in to see us but when he heard Jan had baked a lemon cake he accelerated his plans arriving on his electrically powered bicycle.

He looks particularly pleased eating MY lemon cake!  Well I did offer him a large slice, but I hadn’t expected him to accept the offer. Smile  You may recall Paul produces the Waterway Routes maps in electronic (gps) and pdf formats. We have been using them since June last year and when cruising Jan and I try to find something missing from his maps…….. and it’s getting more difficult!  We need start cruising different canals.

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