Monday, 1 December 2014

Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival

Jan had been reading about an annual Dickensian Christmas Festival in Ulverston.  The town is located just outside the southern edge of the Lake District and as the festival was on today we decided to go.  However, rather than take the direct route we headed to Cockermouth and then went down the western coastline to Barrow in Furness before turning north to Ulverston.  Barrow in Furness is actually quite a large centre.

This is the 16th year that Ulverston has held the festival and it looks like it’s growing in popularity.  We’ve been rather lucky with our weather whilst in Cumbria with both days being clear and fine.  The Ulverston locals get into the swing of the festival with many of them dressing up for the occasion.  I suspect it’s also a requirement for the stall holders.

Hot mulled wine was available. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

No well dressed man should be seen in public without his pink flamingo!

He was a stall holder.

Basket weavers

Interesting shaped cheeses

The music budget must have been small because there was a one man woman band.

The drum on her back was beaten by her right foot and she had a tambourine on her left ankle.  Horn worked by her right elbow and horn from her mouth.

Another group of musicians were playing at the opposite end of the festival.  I hadn’t previously seen the musical instrument being played by the man.  What is it?

I enjoyed the writing above the pharmacist’s windows

There were plenty of food stalls.  Daniel and I started to get hungry.  Jan sensibly decided not to try the large German sausages smothered in mustard sauce.

Not my best decision!

Tomorrow is our last day in Cumbria.  Waiouru and the canals are calling us back!


Neil Corbett said...

It's a Hurdy Gurdy, I think a French instrument. They are wonderful but very hard to play well. They are also very hard to keep in tune so need to be purchased from a good maker. I would love one. Wikipedia will give you lots of info.
A very good player called Nigel Eaton played one on a Led Zeppelin album (and tour) would you believe!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

Now I know. I think there was a song about a hurdy gurdy man!