Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Quiet day and start of a sad tale

Another frost this morning,but not as severe as yesterday.  We decided to fill the water tank and wind Waiouru so we cruised down to Hillmorton and used the very slooow tap to fill up the tank.  It was such a slow tap that we managed to have a leisurely lunch and rest whilst it filled.  I’m still very annoyed with the new hose.  It might state “reinforced” on the label but it kinked after the first use and has now split in one spot <grrrr>.  We winded below the locks and slowly made our way back to Rugby. 

Later in the afternoon I plugged the laptop into the boat canbus system and modified the configuration of the switches in the bedroom.  The boat surveyor who assisted us achieve the RCD requirements suggested I label the switches where there was more than one switch co-located.  We have a 6 gang switch beside the bed and a 3 gang switch at the foot of it.  There’s also a 2 gang switch in the bathroom.  Today I produced a scaled labelling template for each switch and then walked into Rugby to arrange for them to be manufactured.  Jan has suggested the labelling plates have a brushed aluminium finish with black lettering.  This has now all been arranged and they should be available for collection in two days.

Now for the sad tale.

In May 2011 we arrived in the UK to discover we had been seriously let down by our boat fitter.  We were expecting to move onto our finished boat.  Instead we found ourselves homeless in a country where we had no family or friends. Fortunately for us a couple of complete strangers came to our assistance.  These generous people are now firm friends.  One couple that offered practical assistance were Peter and Margaret, who allowed us to live on their narrow boat whilst we attempted to sort ourselves out.

At the beginning of this year Peter contacted me and told me a terrible story about their boat (nb Kelly-Louise).  Peter has now commenced writing a series of blog posts explaining what happened.

If you own a boater or are considering buying/building then I strongly recommend you read Peter’s posts.  There are many lessons to be learned from their tragic experience.  I wont write any more as it’s Peter and Margaret’s story.

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