Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Not much of a day

Jan had a really exciting morning browsing the aisles of Tesco on the hunt for essentials and a bargain whilst I headed into town to hear the results of my oil analysis and engine check.

  • Cholesterol OK
  • Sugar level OK
  • Liver Function OK
  • Cell Count OK
  • BP 135  OK
  • Salt level slightly high
  • Heart Rate  Not found
  • Father DNA check Negative

I guess the last two confirms what’s been said about me by many.  Inside I’m a heartless bastard!

On return to the boat I found Jan ecstatically engrossed in stowing the provisions.  Another trip will be required for the liquid refreshments.  No…..not the fermented fruit juice….. the milk!

A second walk into town for me in the afternoon.  The high pressure water wash has removed the rust and all the blacking.  No sign of corrosion or pitting.  Why do dentists change their advice.  It used to be “brush your teeth and gums vigorously to promote their health”  Now it’s “brush softly in a gentle circular motion to minimise the retraction of the gums”  Completely the opposite advice!  

When selecting a doctor or dentist I try to find one with small hands and narrow fingers.  you never know where they might want to put them.  Actually I learned this the painful way when I was sent for a company medical and the examining doctor, who was a former rugby prop forward with hands like dinner plates.  He decided to examine my prostate.  The sound of someone donning a rubber glove still sends an involuntary shiver up my spine!

Still, I’m good for another 12 months.


Narrowboat QISMA said...

Top tip re hands Tom ... I always chose a woman dentist,for that very reason.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jan
I have the woman dentist but the female doctor was recently replaced by a male (not my request). I've checked his hand size and they are OK! :-)