Tuesday, 25 November 2014

First Frost and a walk to Dunchurch

We awoke to a dark and very cold morning.  When Jan looked out the side hatch everything was white with frost.  It was too dark to take a photo so we waited 30 minutes before taking the following snaps.

Waiouru was still covered in frost when I headed out for my 18km walk.  The only part of the boat where it had melted was around the mushroom vents where the heat from the boat escapes.  I was rather pleased to see frost on the remainder of the boat as it confirms how well the insulation is working.

A slight surprise when I went to wipe the condensation off the inside of the pram cover…… It was ice!

As the weather forecast was for a fine day I had planned a walk to the south-west of Rugby.  It’s the only direction I haven’t walked in the local area. I had identified there was a 300 yard strip of public footpath at the far end of the route which hadn’t been marked on the OSM.  My objective was to walk this path and record the data on the gps for uploading.

In the end I discovered a second short length of footpath which wasn’t on the OSM. 

Both recorded traces have now been uploaded.  Actually I was slightly disappointed to read today that a number of paid navigation applications for Apple and Android are using the OSM data.  This mapping data is collected by volunteers and it niggled me that they should charge for information made free in the public domain.  There are a small number of other cartographers who use the OSM data to produce specialist maps and charge nothing.

There are a few thatched rooves around Dunchurch.

I took this photo because I was fascinated by the thickness of the thatch and the walls along with the very small windows.  My guess is the home is probably very warm.

We’ve been through Dunchurch by car and bus but this has been the first time I’ve had the opportunity to walk around the village green.  Love the stocks.  Pity they are no longer used!

The route back to the boat took me past a field of long necked sheep.  I’ve eaten these whilst In Peru.  If I recall correctly they were slightly more tasty than the local guinea pigs.

The rich eat Alpaca and the poor eat guinea pig!

Could Bob Geldof have had a haircut?


Ade said...

Lovely pictures Tom.

Tom and Jan said...

It took a few moments for the last one as Bob wouldn't pose! :-)

Adam said...

Is that Lois Jane in the third picture down?

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Adam

You are correct! Lois Jane has had her modification. Only James aboard.