Sunday, 23 November 2014


The TV signal was pixelated except when Jan stood in the far left corner of the boat with her right arm in the air.  Fortunately she managed to last two 40 minute halves.  I suspect the only reason the All Blacks beat Wales is because of their 16th man… Me!  I finished the game in a pool of sweat and felt every tackle.  Both Jan and I are rather shattered and will sleep well tonight! 

Ray on Ferndale……… loser!  Smile  You’re a brave foolish man walking around Auckland wearing a Wales jersey.

The damned kiwi team had me writhing on the bed at 3/4 time when Wales was a point in the lead.  Great to see the All Blacks rise to the challenge and break a few Welsh hearts.  However it wasn’t a great game.  I just wish the All Blacks hadn’t kicked so many times!

Back to more mundane matters.  The new laptop 12V power brick is working well and today we placed another eBay order for a 12V USB charger plug.  Again to be delivered to Argos. 

I had an urge to do a few maintenance jobs on the exterior of Waiouru but found if I sat down they passed.  Then the rain came.  Good timing!  I should really do some cleaning in the cratch….. tomorrow.


Diane and Ray said...

It was me Diane,the welsh optimist and luckily it was too warm to wear the jumper as NZ certainly finished the game well.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Diane, Damned All Blacks scared the hell out of me! You can now wear the top and accept the condolences from the locals :-)