Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Boat Blogger Meetings

We left our overnight mooring above Fosse top Lock at 9,00am heading towards Calcutt.  The first six locks were in our favour but from that point onwards the remaining 13 locks had to be turned. 

Jan rather liked this lock side cottage.  It had road access and a reasonable size garden.  She could just imagine selling ice creams and soft drinks to passing boaters in the summer.

This one was under offer.

There is a second cottage for sale immediately above Stockton Top Lock.  After looking at Google Earth it appears it may not have road access which tended to be confirmed by the arrival of Postman Pat who walked down the towpath to deliver the post.

Willow Wren’s training centre at Nelson Wharf looks very new.  Which of course it is!

I’m wondering what these round white disks are beside the lock?  I noticed them at two locks and there were probably more.  All I can think of is they are datum points to monitor the lock chambers and approach walls.

There wasn’t much in the way of sunshine today and the strong wind over the water made it rather chilly.  Jan did most of the lock work and the exercise seemed to keep her warmer.  We passed a number of interesting boats.

It wasn’t until the last lock for the day that we met a boat descending.  Our luck, every lock against us and we meet a boat at the last lock!  Then Jan called out “It’s Della and Muleless”.  If only she and Gary had arrived 30 minutes earlier!  There was someone assisting them down and with that pale pink cap and two border collies I correctly guessed it was Sue (nb No Problem)

Sue and Vic subsequently visited us in the afternoon for tea and coffee.  After all the locks today, tomorrow will be a rest day.

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

You can see a video of the opening of Willow Wren Training's centre at

You may recognise the voice and at least one of the guests.