Sunday, 2 November 2014

A quiet mooring

It was time to leave Braunston and we reversed back to the marina entrance to wind (didn’t use the electric pole) before stopping on the water point to top up the tank and dispose of the rubbish.

Former Toll House on the right and the “Gongoozlers Rest” (cafe) behind

The new hose has proved to be a poor investment.  It tends to squash and kink far more easily than the original.  However as these hoses aren’t rated potable I felt it was appropriate to replace the original after three years of use.

Before stopping for water the canal was rather quiet.  However this appeared to rapidly change and suddenly we were being passed in both directions.  Eventually a gap appeared and we headed towards the junction. 

Both of us noticed mum’s bike tied to the tiller arm of a moored boat.

Hope she made it home safely!

A boat well known to Elly & Mick was moored just before the junction and someone’s granddaughter appeared to be feeding fattening the local fowl.

nb Winton’s Folly

It appears someone’s project hasn’t made much progress since we passed this way a year ago.  Although if I recall correctly it was being lived on at that time.  Perhaps it looks much better inside!

The batteries were almost at 100% charged when we stopped for the day approximately halfway between Braunston and Wigrams Turn.  Jan had started making some bread and doing a load of laundry whilst we were on the move so it was freshly baked bread for lunch and then the rotary clothesline was erected on the stern.

We were starting to settle inside when the sound of a horn took me to the stern to see Della and Gary on nb Muleless.  They were on the move with a boat behind so there was only time on this occasion for the briefest of conversations.

Later in the day I plotted out a walk for tomorrow and uploaded it to the gps.


Alf said...

If you fit a "stop" connector to the end of the hose with a short length of hose on the end connector you can then wind the hose up with water pressure still in the hose which stops (most of) the kinking & twisting.

Tom and Jan said...

Good idea Alf.

I'll look for a cheap stop connector. I might even have one! :-)