Friday, 14 November 2014

A farewell

at 9.00am we received a text message from the boat in front of us asking if we were up.  “Since 4.00am” was the reply.  Sue then appeared for a final conversation for 2014.  By 10.00am all three crews were preparing to depart.

Mags Is all wrapped up and Geoff is in shorts!

I think both Geoff and Sue took a photo of us and we (of course) reciprocated. They were heading north whilst we were going in the opposite direction.

We’re not sure when our paths may again cross.  At Napton Junction we turned left towards Braunston, our destination for the day.  The cruise was cold and windy but largely uneventful.  The mowing crew from Fountains was cutting the towpath grass.  I assume for the last time this year.  About half way to Braunston we again passed the boaters toilet bobbing around in the cut.  The wind was a bit of an issue on some of the more exposed stretches which required additional engine revs to maintain steerage.  Jan put on a load of washing once the batteries had reached 80% and the load was done by the time we reached Braunston.  There were plenty of vacant moorings and we stopped just beyond the entrance to Braunston Marina.

After a late lunch we walked up the the village to visit the general store and butcher’s.  Jan now has a steak and kidney pie for dinner tomorrow.

We had good TV coverage in the bedroom but the picture on the saloon TV was awful.  I guessed applied logical reasoning that the problem was the coaxial cable between the TV and the wall socket.  Several weeks ago I purchased two 1m coaxial cables from Maplin and subsequently cut the end of one to make a test lead.  That’s when I discovered how little copper wiring it contained.  So this afternoon I made up my own lead using some left over good quality coaxial cable and spare plugs.  We’ve gone from having 2 channels to 80.  The Maplin cables have gone in the bin!


Sue said...

Really lovely to meet you both again and how happy you are now you are on the cut.. Enjoy your winter together and we will meet again just hope it isn't as long between next time xx

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue

Yes, it was good to finally meet again and catch up on news. Perhaps our cuising paths will cross again next summer!

Look after yourselves

Tom & Jan