Sunday, 26 October 2014

Too late and two faults

An extended shopping trip today.  Well it was rather a case of three shopping trips to get everything back to Waiouru.  Our first trip included walking to Homebase, Rugby in search of a new water hose.  We arrived to find the shop both closed and empty.  When I walked past yesterday afternoon it was open.  They must have closed and emptied the store during the night.  A member of staff appeared and confirmed Homebase had closed.  It will reopen in early 2015 behind the Range store. (Jan thinks it will be behind TK Max – time will tell which of us is right) We were 14 hours too late!

The FreeView signal was still poor with a lack of channels and most of those we did find were pixellated.  After some fault finding I determined that we either had a poor signal or the powered antenna was failing.  The quality of the signal has been erratic for some time so I guessed made an educated deduction based on available evidence that the problem was the MoonRaker DTV1000 antenna.  It’s four years old and we decided to replace it whilst we were close to Maplin.  Another shopping trip to buy the antenna after which it was fitted.  This rectified the problem with the small TV in the bedroom but the main TV still had a problem.  After swapping the coaxial cables between the TV and NMT I deduced the problem was a break in the coaxial cable going to the TV.  Back to Maplin for a replacement cable.  It looks like this has solved the majority of the poor TV signal, although we do appear to be in a slight dead spot.  However we still have the dot.  Mentioning the dot….. We managed to record a program from the FreeSat box to an attached thumbstick.  The captured data had a file extension of [filename].ts which wasn’t recognised by any of the media programs on the laptop so I renamed it to [filename].mpg.  This enabled me to strip out the Ads and convert it to avi format.

At one point Jan glanced up and was convinced she got a glimpse of Derwent6 passing!

In the afternoon Jan managed to combat load the supplies into the pantry and freezer so we are good for at least another couple of weeks.

I keep looking at the rust and scrapes on the rubbing strakes and telling myself I should really get on and do something about them………. tomorrow……. if it’s fine!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

I love the "combat load of supplies..." I do that too and Les finds it utterly amazing how I mange to find room for everything. The full fridge frightens him though: he will only go in so far as the door to get milk for his tea!

Tom and Jan said...

Jaq you must convince Les to give up on "caring, sensitive, new age' and get back to his primative masculine roots and be a 'hunter gather'! He should not be fearful of the white box... It holds useful things like beer!