Friday, 24 October 2014


Yesterday I managed to get the TV and FreeSat box working on 12V.  However in doing this I had to use the HDMI and 12V power cables from the Network Media Tank (NMT).  The HDMI cable runs through the roof between the insulation and the ceiling lining.  Whilst I installed a conduit through the ceiling along with a spare draw wire during the fit out I wasn’t convinced the large plug on the end of the HDMI cable would fit through an already crowded conduit.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night because of this conundrum.  The last thing I wanted was a stuck or broken cable and I certainly didn’t want to remove all the trim and pull down the ceiling lining.  Then at 12.30 it dawned on me.  Why do I have to keep the NMT with the FreeSat box.  If I moved it to the same location as the TV it would be located very close to the TV (HDMI requirement) and the Empirbus node (12V power supply).

So that is what I did today.  Out came the head torch and toolbox.  A few hours later the job was complete.  There was even time to walk into Rugby and get my haircut by the nice lady who has a very reasonable price for oldies like me!

Oh….. initial indications are I might be was right about reduced battery usage on 12V.  The batteries were reading 93% charged this morning.  Usually its 82% or less.  I’ll have to monitor it for a few more days to confirm the idea is a success.

The last job has been to search e-Bay for another DC-DC step up converter.  There’s a supplier in Hong Kong selling them for £3.52 including postage.  I just need to obtain a UK delivery address.  Nothing is impossible!

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