Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Overseas Visitors

It’s been a busy day, hence the late post.  We were both up early and before 8.00am had moved down to the water point at Hawkesbury Junction.  A boat was already using one of the taps and fortunately our hose was sufficiently long enough to reach the other.  However the pressure was woeful and it took almost an hour to fill the half empty tank.  The boater moored behind us approached me and asked if he could borrow our gas spanner.  He went on to explain that he hadn’t actually lost his because he knew where it was…. at the bottom of the canal!  I suggested to him that it was moments like these that you need a powerful magnet.  He then told me he had a powerful magnet but it was with the spanner because the string broke!  After all that excitement we moved off the water point finding a good 7 Day mooring just before the junction.

At 11am the first of our overseas visitors arrived.  David and Lynne are currently in the UK on holiday having just completed a transatlantic cruise.  Whilst they live in Australia they are dedicated cruise ship devotees.  We all retired to the Greyhound Inn for a few drinks whilst waiting for the second couple to arrive.  Mel and Sandra also live in Sydney, albeit they originate from the UK.  The way Mel tells the story was part of his marriage proposal included an overseas honeymoon.  What he didn’t tell Sandra was he’s done it on the cheap signing them up as £10 poms.  He claims that the plan was for a two year working holiday before they would return to family in the UK.  Well the two years ended quite some time ago and it appears they have no interest in experiencing UK winters.

Whilst Mel was raised in Colchester I suspect there might be some Scottish or Yorkshire blood in his veins.  When collecting the rental car he decided the cost of renting a gps was unjustifiable and consequentially he and Sandra made the 11am meeting at 1pm. 

Jan, David, Lynne, Sandra & Mel in the Greyhound with Hawkesbury Junction in the background 

After a delicious late lunch  in the pub (Jan and I both had the pie) we all retired to Waiouru where the boat was given a thorough inspection.  David & Lynne had last seen her two years ago when we were living aboard in the tent at Aldermaston.  It was a first visit for Sandra and Mel.  The plan is for them to return tomorrow and go on a short local cruise.


Halfie said...

So ... did you not fish for his magnet and spanner with your magnet? Make a note of where it all is; next time I'm there I'll fish it out. If you tell me the name of the boat I'll return it to him.

Tom and Jan said...

Halfie, I don't drop my gas spanner in the cut so I don't need a magnet :-)