Saturday, 25 October 2014

On the move and some changes

After a discussion last night, this morning we decided to wind (turn around) and head back north.  Actually we didn’t go very far north, just far enough to top up with diesel before winding again and returning south to Newbold.  We took 107 litres into the two domestic tanks and 40 litres in the propulsion.  My rough calculation suggests our average daily engine diesel usage is four litres and we usually run the engine four hours daily so you can work out the hourly consumption.

After topping up the water tank at Newbold we moved down to Brownsover mooring on the towpath side where to our surprise there were only two other boats.  A poor DTV signal had us retune both TV’s without success.  I then checked the TV signal cabling and it looks to be fine.  Either we have a poor reception or the powered antenna on the roof is getting older than us.  If we can find a location with good coverage and the signal is still poor then it will have to be replaced. 

I wandered down the towpath to Clifton and then back via Rugby.  Clifton Cruisers has changed ownership since we wintered over there.  Some of the transportable buildings have gone and the area is being used to store or maintain boats.  There were also a couple of moored Black Prince hire boats so I assume it is a new Black Prince base.  There doesn’t appear to be any vacant moorings and boats were even moored two abreast at the wharf.  I wonder how many boaters will stop for a pump out or diesel?

I’d heard the retail park opposite Tesco and adjacent to the canal was being redeveloped and being nosey went to have a look.  All the buildings up to Homebase have gone.

Halfords is still there.Well it has to be there because I bought 10 litres of engine oil and took it back to the boat! Smile Tomorrow we will walk to Homebase and see if they have a good quality water hose.  One that doesn’t kink!  There will also have to be at least two trips to Tesco.

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