Thursday, 16 October 2014

Local cruise

The day started with a few hours of tidying up the boat before our visitors from yesterday returned for a short cruise on board Waiouru.  We decided to go back to Marston Junction as the trip would include some countryside and pass Charity Dock. 

Mel took the tiller after I’d winded at Hawkesbury Junction and did a very good job for his first time.  However he quickly returned the tiller to me on arrival at Marston Junction and almost as quickly reclaimed it after Waiouru had been winded.  He made an excelled job of getting the boat back against the edge on the mooring.

We then all retired to the Greyhound for a slightly late lunch.  David and I tried a half of the Shipwreck Coast.  Obviously this English beer is an acquired taste.  After saying our farewells we returned to Waiouru to find the Smartgauge had an E03 error on the display.

The error message means there has been high voltage reading on the batteries.  It’s the second time the error message has occurred since fitting the reconditioned 175A alternator.  My guess is the Smartgauge is correctly identifying the high voltage produced by the Sterling PDAR.  The PDAR has a software routine that regularly forces the alternator to produce a short period of high voltage to de-sulphate the battery plates.  Well I hope I’m right!

There has been a change of plans and we have decided to go to Coventry Basin for a couple of days before proceeding further south.

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