Monday, 6 October 2014

Busy Sunday

There was mist on the water this morning and although there was some cloud the forecast was for a clear and dry day.

Once the weekly call to Perth was completed we started into some chores.  The first task was to get out the suitcase generator and service it before recharging the batteries along with all the battery powered 240V appliances.  The top timber rails of the side hatch lining is starting to look very tired.  Probably because they get the most exposure to the elements.  One side was rubbed back and given a new coat of gloss varnish.  They will need another 2-3 coats.  The opposite side will have to be done when we’re moored on the other bank.  We also checked out the Refleks diesel stove and then started it.  It wasn’t really cold enough to light the fire but it seemed a good idea to check it was working before the onset of winter.

Jan put on a load of washing and whilst it was being done I erected the clothes line on the stern.  Jan subsequently informed me that nb Lola passed whilst she was pegging out the smalls.  Paul called out to her from the stern however it was difficult to hear him over the generator between her feet.

We wandered down to The Swan for Sunday lunch.  We’ve eaten here before but couldn’t remember if the food was OK.  Jan had the sudden feeling that we hadn’t enjoyed the last meal but after a bit of indecision decided to have another go.  We opted for the Sunday roast and whilst there was plenty of food the beef wasn’t that great and they really need to do something to speed up the service. 

There have been plenty of people about all day with small groups around the locks watching boats go up and down.  Hopefully they will remain sufficiently interested by their experience to support the ongoing maintenance of the network.

Junction Lock with The Swan in the background

Gongoozlers around Shadehouse Lock

On the wayback to Waiouru we noticed this small audio/visual display beside the towpath which explained how the Trent & Mersey Canal Co limited the loss of their water to the Coventry Canal Co.

In the evening I went out for another walk around the area and took a few photos of the junction.

Starting to get dark.

Jan said the working boat is moored on a No Mooring sign.  Special dispensation?

Night has fallen

Only a few hardy souls outside The Swan braving the chill in the air!


KevinTOO said...

Hi Tom & Jan,
I would have hopped into the car and come out to say hello if I'd realised you'd be at Fradley today, oh well...
Are you continuing along the T&M or are you turning onto the Coventry?
Nice photos BTW
Kevin TOO

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kevin,

We turn towards Coventry tomorrow. Sorry we missed you and hopefully another opportunity will occur!

Photos must be put down to the camera rather than the photographer. :-)