Saturday, 1 November 2014

Administration day and another boater meeting.

After a visit to Braunston’s butcher and being relieved of some of our hard earned coins we returned to Waiouru to spend much of the day catching up on administration.  Living on a boat isn’t one long holiday.  Bills have to be paid finances attended to and we still have a house with a tenant that requires attention.  One passport also had to be sent for updating.  There’s no rest for the wicked!

However there was still time for another couple of chats with Mick and Pip (nb Lillyanne) before they departed.  It was 23 August when we first met whilst moored at Rodney on the Leeds – Liverpool with us going in opposite directions.  Actually we had each covered a similar circuit but in opposite directions.

Just on noon there was a toot from a passing boat which Jan identified as nb Doo Lalli Ali With Chris and Alison aboard.  We last saw them at Calcutt on 7 May last year.  <blog post here>

And a photo from that meeting.

There was time for a chat with them before they headed up into Braunston for a fish-n-chip lunch.  From the conversation I gleaned this year they had gone as far north as Marple and were on their way back to the marina after visiting the Thames via Oxford.  Lovely to catch up with them… albeit briefly!

Oh I finally managed to dispose of the waste oil from the last two engine services. Some of it we’ve been carrying since we left Rugby in late May.  Braunston Marina has a waste oil collection tank which is free to use provided you dispose of the containers.  So we are now 20kg lighter in the stern. Smile

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