Friday, 5 September 2014

York by Night

After dinner there was time for a walk around York as dusk was falling.  Fortunately the camera is actually rather good at taking photos in poor light.  We have previously visited York but it was by road.  The first occasion was in 1991 and if I recall correctly the Minster had been seriously damaged during a fire some years earlier.  At the time of our visit the exterior was partially covered in scaffolding whilst undergoing restoration.

As I started to walk up to the Minster the campanologist started practicing.  OK I confess, I had to look up the term for bell ringing. 

The bells sounded very good and I tried (unsuccessfully) to record them on the camera. Note to myself, read the camera manual again!  It was going on 8.30pm and the streets were starting to empty.  It made walking The Shambles all the more interesting.  Wikipedia reports this area was once the preserve of butchers and as late as 1872 there were 25 butchers shops in the area.  today there are none.

The thing I most noticed about this area was the cobblestones and the stone pavers where the cart wheels would have run.

The narrow alleys reminded me of Jack the Ripper! Smile

The area is also known for its crooked buildings.  where the timber upper floors overhang the street below.

It will be interesting to see the area tomorrow in daylight.

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