Friday, 5 September 2014

York by Day

Some years ago on our second visit to York we parked the rental car near the base of Clifford’s Tower.  This wasn’t planned and we hadn’t realized the tower existed until we parked beneath it.  The thing I recall about the tower was that in 1190AD 190 local Jews were massacred in the keep. Although I recall reading somewhere that they committed suicide rather than undergo the fate that awaited them by the hands of the local Christian population.

The moorings beside The Dame Judi Dench Walk have the York museum and gardens on the other side.

Entrance to the museum

Further around they had some old mother-in-law coffins on display.

It is possible they had to be made from stone to prevent the occupants rising again.  Obviously not heavy enough because two appear to have escaped! Smile

The ruins of the Abbey of St Mary’s which are located in York Gardens.  It was the richest abbey in the north of England until Henry VIII discovered a way to divorce his wife and replenish his coffers.

The West Gate remains along with the timber Hospitium

Back at York Minster a lone column caught my eye.

The plaque on it states

“This Roman column once stood within the great hall of the headquarters building of the fortress of the Sixth Legion (whose emblem was a bull) in the fourth century AD. It was found in 1969 during the excavation of the south transept of the Minster.  Lying where it had collapsed.

It was given by the Dean & Chapter to the York Civic Trust.  Who in 1971 erected it on this site to mark the 1900th anniversary of the foundation of the city by the Romans in AD 71”

The Shambles has a different look in daylight.

We stopped for coffee at Bullivant of York.  The cafe looked nice but unfortunately the coffee didn’t live up to our expectations.

On the way back to Waiouru I noticed what appears to be the remains of an arch on a building located on the road to one of the city gates.

I assume the road used to be narrower and the arch is all that is left of a building demolished to make the the road wider.

We have decided to change our plans and continue north up the Ouse towards Ripon.


Adam said...

The 'arch' just looks like a couple of chimneys to me.

Tom and Jan said...


Well I can now see that but when you come from a warm climate you don't tend to see too many chimneys! :-) said...

Hope you squeeze into the locks ok. We used to live in Boroughbridge which you will pass through. It's a very nice area. said...

Hope you squeeze into the locks ok. We used to live in Boroughbridge which you will pass through. It's a very nice area.

Tom and Jan said...

First, thanks for the link to your blog. We will add it to our list!

Yes, we have heard varying stories about the locks on the way to Ripon so it will be interesting to see how things go!