Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ditch crawler in Tupperware Country

The scene that greeted us as we departed Naburn Lock was one of wall to wall plastic boats.  After a year of steel boats the sight of so much Tupperware was quite a shock.

After what seemed like several miles of linear plastic we finally started to reach more interesting boats.

No expensive moorings on this part of the river.  The boat below looks as if the garden shed has decided to piggyback.

The moorings eventually petered out and almost immediately Jan saw the house she wanted.  I didn’t think we could afford the annual maintenance bill, let alone the purchase price. 

Motoring towards York we passed under the Millennium Bridge.  From our angle it looked like a suspended arch bridge.  It wasn’t until we looked back that we realised the steel arch is offset to the footpath.

It was a late arrival in York and our first priority was a mooring.   We got our first sighting of a York Day Trip Boat before we reached the centre of the city.

An interesting dining area on the left

A large Tupperware boat had passed us on the way into York and had moored on the west bank.  Our map showed there were also moorings on the east bank immediately after the Trip Boat platforms.  I winded and we managed to get against a high wall.  With some careful reversing I was able to get the stern adjacent to a ladder going up the wall.

After mooring I climbed the ladder to find an ice cream van at the top (handy) along with a large number of patrons from the two nearby pubs (not so good).  Jan stayed on Waiouru whilst I went for a walk.

Can you see Waiouru moored on the left dwarfed by the flood wall?

Further upstream I noticed much better moorings along Dame Judi Dench Walk. 

So I swiftly walked back to the boat and suggested to Jan that we move.  Safety in numbers, quieter and she should get that “dot in the sky”.

Jan had read there might be a mooring issue in York.  Apparently one of the locals had mentioned six boats had been set adrift by local yobs one night.  Consequently we used both chains and ropes ensuring we tied off on the boat.  It’s probably a little unfair in York to suggest mooring there is a risk.  One incident doesn’t make it a problem area. 


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time in York, it's my favourite city, but then I am a biased Yorkshireman.

Tom and Jan said...

It's looking rather interesting thus far.

Pip and Mick said...

It would be a shame not to go on to Ripon. We are a foot longer than you and we got there ok. The Ripon top lock is the shortest. On the way back we had to do that one and the next one down backwards.
Ripon Cathedral was worth a couple of hours. We also took a bus to Fountains Abbey for a day out which was well worth while.
Anyway,enjoy York. Pip was born and bred there and I worked there for 14 years. Great place.

It would be worth checking for neap tides when planning your journey back to Selby. It much less exciting!