Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Shovel and Shoes

A boring day!

The Shovel is a satiric look at Australian news.  The following were headlines from recent articles

  • Not Enough Evidence To Suggest Moon Isn’t Made Of Cheese, Says Tea Party
  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Diet Involves Eating Nothing But Your Own Bullsh!t
  • PM Abbott Commits To Cutting Australia’s Reputation by 30% by 2015
  • Iraq Conflict: US Looking Forward To Finishing Job They Finished 11 Years Ago
  • Aussies Shocked by Revelations About Britain’s Rolf Harris
  • Families Should Not Be Used For Political Point Scoring, Says Man With The Not-Bad Looking Daughters
  • Google+ Still Going, Researchers Claim
  • Man Who Just Wants One Minute Of Your Time Also Wants Your Credit Card Details, Email Address And a 12 Month Financial Commitment
  • Man Forced to Watch Concert With His Own Eyes
  • Budget Outrage to Last 9 More Days
  • Nation Surprised to Discover Opposition Leader
  • Australians Trying to Work Out Which Government Policy is an April Fools Gag
  • Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr Just Grateful To Have Been Able To Work With Bob Carr
  • Paul Keating Almost Certainly The Best, Most Humble Prime Minister Ever, Says Paul Keating
  • Tony Abbott Denies His Government Ever Promised To Be Adults
  • More Hashtags sent to look for Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls
  • Queening to be Outsourced to India
  • Japan’s Scientific Research Program Still Yet To Uncover Why Whales Die When Speared With A Giant Harpoon

  • Relief As Humanity Realises it can Stop Pretending to like Rolf Harris’s Music
  • Government Marks 200 Days Without Reporting on the Arrival of a Boat

On a less humours note I discovered the probable reason for my sore right foot when going on long walks.  Today I walked to the Asda at Chorley and about quarter of the way there my right foot started to ache under the ball of the foot.  It felt like there was a lump in the sole of the running jogging shoe, but when I removed it and felt inside there was nothing.  Eventually I pulled out the insole to find a ridge of glue had been left across the insole under the liner during manufacture.  My guess is that with use the insole liner has gradually compressed, which is why there wasn’t an issue when the shoes were purchased.  I’ve tried to remove the ridge with the blade of the Leatherman and replaced the damaged liner with an old one from my previous shoes.  However the shoe still causes some problems when walking any distance.  Looks like I now have another pair of boat shoes!

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