Monday, 25 August 2014

The good, bad and ugly

Despite a rather grey sky after lunch there was no rain and we managed to get a number of maintenance jobs done on the boat.  Both sides to the cabin have now been washed and polished.  The light ‘powdery” graphite grey look has been replaces with the original dark grey shine.  It’s surprising to see how much paint comes off when polishing.  The polishing cloths were hand washed and hung up to dry.

The Good.  Jan scrubbed the carpet and cleaned the galley whilst I cleaned the inside of the cratch and pram covers.  Both of us used the container of “The Pink Stuff” cleaner which Jan purchased for a pound in Skipton.  It’s bloody brilliant!  Cleaned all the marks off the pram and cratch covers whilst the inside of the oven positively sparkles. Jan had previously tried a number of cleaners and steel pads but nothing cleaned the oven as well as this stuff.

She’s now kicking herself for not buying more containers.

I then masked up and badly painted the bow hatch cover.  My painting technique doesn’t seem to be improving.  Consequently the hatch now looks rather ugly.  Looks like I’ll have to rub it down and have a second attempt.

The final task was to mask up the oak lining on the stern doors and revarnish both doors plus the tiller handle. Some of the interior varnish also requires another coat.

We went off to The Railway for a roast lunch only to leave disappointed on discovering they didn’t provide a Sunday roast.  Perhaps we were doubly disappointed as a local had informed Jan yesterday how lovely the pub Sunday roasts were!  Sandwiches for lunch. Sad smile

Icy Icy” parked his trailer near the towpath and I suggested to Jan we treat ourselves to a 99.  Single cone because our stomachs are not as big these days.  Mr Snow Freeze Then mentioned he and his wife had emigrated to NZ some years ago only to return when his wife got homesick.  He told me returning was the worst decision they had ever made!  I suspect his wife doesn’t feel the same.

We were just getting into recliner mode when a comment on yesterday’s blog post arrived.  Mick & Pip (nb LillyAnne) had cruised up from Leeds during the day and had moored a few boats behind us.  I wandered back to have a chat and managed to pick Mick’s brain about Leeds and York.  Mick mentioned he was a casual blog reader and they had their own blog.  The link to their blog is now on our Blog Roll.  Mick mentioned they were now live-aboards and continuous cruisers.  Hopefully our paths will cross again at some future date.

We will stay here tomorrow waiting out the rain and the public holiday before cruising down to Leeds on Tuesday.

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